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March 10th - 17th, 1999

My No Security trip!

Boarding passes

Well, you might say "It's crazy to go from Germany to the USA just to see the Stones!"

You're right.

"It's bloody expensive!"

You're right.

But - it's fun !!
Meeting Stones fans from all over the world is great !!
Seeing the band in small arenas is an stunning experience !!
And ... you live only once :-)

So, follow me on my Stones trip and meet some nice Glimmers
from the Undercover Mailing List:

Tickets and show data

Pittsburgh photos

Pittsburgh setlist

Happy days in Philly ...

At the Hardrock Cafe

Bridges To New Jersey (Shoiley's Party)

Philly 1 Pre-Show gathering

Philly 1 - The show

Philly 1 After-Show gathering

Philly 2 - The setlist

Philly 2 Glimmer Gathering

Some impressions ... (report)

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