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Glimmer Gatherings

July 24th-26th, 1998
Arc de Triomphe

The days around the July 24th - 26th 1998 weekend, a group of around 60 Rolling Stones fans (also known as "Glimmers") had a great Glimmerfest in Paris! Most of them were members of the Undercover Mailing List, and they came from all parts of the world (e.g. France, Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, Italy, Germany and other countries) to celebrate the only show in France on July 25th at the Stade de France.

Before this show, there was a club gig of former Stones guitarist Mick Taylor at the Le Plan rock bar near Paris on Friday, July 24th.

Well, I was lucky to take part in this gatherings and I really had a lot of fun, having nice chats about the Stones, exchanging experiences about recent gigs, meeting old friends and making new ones! A million thanks to all of you - see you again!

See some of my photos taken in Paris and read my impressions of the show to imagine what fun it is to be part of this wonderful Glimmer community :-)

Paris, Friday, July 24th 1998

The Hotel Little Regina (aka "Little Queenie"),
which was completely booked by Glimmers at this weekend!

A view from the window of my room (No. 31) to the Gare De L'Est

Dem, Greg, Porter and Mayumi, enjoying their first French beer on Friday afternoon ...

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