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London memories

...part 1, posted to Undercover on 06/16/1999


after recovering from the London WE ....

This was really a "Oh My God!" trip for me again, I had an absolutely phantastic time with you all!

Special thanks to William and Chrissie and the support team for all your work - you made it happen!!!

Another big Thank You to Lord Matt who had my tickets ready!

Never met so many Glimmers like last weekend, old faces and lots of new ones I was happy to meet for the first time

I couldn't make it to the big gathering on Wednesday, arrived on Thursday noon. After checking in at the Repton, I ran into Greg, Mayumi and Porter in the "lobby" and went to the Brixton with them. Good start :-)

As some said before, most items were overpriced IMHO, especially the boots, but I was so happy to meet Phelge and got a copy of his book signed (I guess I am the only Glimmer who didn't have it...) :-) Anyway, it was fun to walk around, look at the things and meet all the Glimmers who were arriving by the time. Thierry & girlfriend proudly presented their brand new Sticky Fingers leather jackets bought an hour ago could smell them from 10 meters distance :-)) Also took some photos there of Matt's stand and all the Glimmers, hope these come out good.

The day ended at Dean's bar meeting even more Glimmers, and the most asked question was of course: "When are you queueing tomorrow?" :-)) The extreme answer came from Greg: "Well, the first train leaves at 5:30 am", but actually he and Mayumi didn't make it before 8 the next morning :-)

I went at 8:30 am together with others and we arrived at Wembley around 10. Amazingly, the place was still nearly empty, only around 25 people at our gate. There are stairs going up to the doors, maybe 50 steps and devided into 8 or 10 parallel rows separated by railings. The security guards (who arrived already around 12) kept the outer rows clear for emergency exits and you could also use them to leave your place and come back very comfortable.

Weather was cloudy, but dry, and we had a long day of waiting...but actually even that was kind of fun, because we were such a large Glimmer group, many talks, joking, signing postcards to absent listmembers, getting drinks and food etc., so the time went by quite fast for me. It was also fun to walk around to the other gates and meet all the Glimmes, unbelievable how many of us were there!

Well, the queue got longer by the time, but Security made a very good job by putting up no-security tapes (the red/white euro-version) to keep the crowd in lines around the stadium. I was really astonished to see no pushing at all, people were very calm and kept cool until the very end!

Gates were announced to open at 4:30 pm, but the Stones did a Soundcheck very lately (we recognized Memory Motel and Route 66), so entry delayed until 5:15 pm. You had to enter through very narrow passageways, which allowed only one person per time, got your ticket ripped off - and in you were in StonesHeaven :-). Some steps down to the pitch, then across it, and slip into the Golden Circle! Yeah, I think all of us made it! Also that part was organized better than I've ever seen in Europe: They had chains of Security guys lined up across the field every 10 meters, which were calming people down and shouting "Don't run! Don't run!". That was so funny, running 10 meters, walk slowly through the chain and run like hell again to the next chain :-))))

When I was running into the circle, I heard a voice calling my name and was so happy to join a big Glimmer group at the catwalk half way between the stages, even got a place directly at the fence! There were Liz & Dave Shepard, Alyssa, Tom & Cathy, Princess Margret, Dem and some more I'm afraid to mix up now..., also spotted Germar, Dirk, "SPG" Lynn and others in the crowd - really a Glimmer Circle :-)

(to be continued)

Cheers, tom

...addendum, posted to Undercover on 06/16/1999


I can't believe this was not told before, or did I miss it?

On Saturday, during one song (the last?), the Stones horns section came on stage to join the Sheryl Crowe opening set!

Yes, all of them: Andy, Tim, Michael and the incredible Bobby Keys! They were at their normal position on the right platform, and Bobby even played a great solo!

We were very surprised of that, never heard they did that before.

You could also see some Stones personnel (Pierre and others) watching and filming this special event from the back of the stage, they were obviously having a lot of fun watching this.

Cheers, tom

...part 2, posted to Undercover on 06/18/1999


after part 1 and great reports from others, there's not much left to say ...

What I liked in Wembley was also some things they did to entertain the crowd: Outside the stadium there were some artists - jugglers, a tightrope walker who put up his rope between two trees, drum groups and others.

Inside they had some kind of DJ on the stage (maybe a famous guy in the UK?) who put on "greatest hits". Once he said we all had to sing now, because this would be broadcasted live by Virgin Radio, and what followed was "Delihla" (sp?) by Tom Jones :-)). Big LOL in the crowd, and it was fun to participate in that.

They also had two HUGE flags, showing a red tongue of course, one on each side of the catwalk. The border of it was handed from the stage over to the front rows, which passed it along to the people standing behind them, and so it went across the whole pitch. I guess this looked very cool from upstairs in the seating area! I also had to think that this was definitely a nice souvenir for our must-have-all Mr. Lee, although these flags might cover his complete house! Did you get your hands on them, Matt? :-))

I don't remember much music-wise details of the shows themselves, except that they were fucking great and IMHO the best sound I ever heard in Europe, except some short disturbances I can remember. I loved Silver SOOO MUCH the first night, probably the best version of the 4 I heard so far. Unfortunately they replaced it by Thief on Sat., I think Keith should make a acustic guitar blues tour, I could listen to him forever!

I've never seen the band so relaxed than in London, they were having even more fun than before (if this is possible at all) IMHO! Ruby Tuesday was the first time for me, I loved to hear that. Also glad they did Bitch the 2nd night, that was a rocker.

Honky Tonk was fun watching Sheryl and Mick doing a very sexy performance :-)

Talking of Ronnie - when you pay attention to him for a while, you will really find out he does a great job - just listen carefully and don't look at his grimasses! But also LOL when he lay down flat on the stage at one moment :-))

Mick - the perfect entertainer :-). Each and every move he makes is well rehearsed, e.g. I had to LOL about the way he walks back to his wardrobe between the songs, moving his hips so sexy ;-)) He threw his full drinking cup into the crowd again on Saturday, and I also heard him say "You're a fuckin' great audience!" - Yes, we were.

Keith - .... no words I could describe him, I simply love this guy and his smile always warms my heart.

Charlie was taken to the front at both nights by Keith, although he didn't like it ;-)

BTW, on Saturday they threw out a taper - three security guys just manoeuvred him out of the golden circle over the fence into the catwalk and then out. This happened very near to our place. Hope he wasn't the only bootlegger that night ;-)

On Friday, I was very lucky at the catwalk fence: When they came back, I got to slap Chuck's hand, well - not bad....

Missed Keith, Ronnie and Charlie then :-(

I had already given up in some disappointment, when Mick came along - but then the impossible happened! I leaned over the fence as far as I could, and like in a slow motion, I saw Mick coming nearer, staring in the direction of our GlimmerGroup's hands, raised his arm - oh my god, this can't be true - and gave me a full slap on my right hand! Whoo Hooo! Ego, I touched Mick Jagger! Although I'd prefer Keef, this was a great, unforgettable moment, didn't get much of the rest of the show, just grinning in silent happiness like this :-))))))))

The second night most of the crowd had been moving towards the main stage and there was plenty of free space in the back of the circle, so I decided to crash the B-Stage. Well, lots of others did, too, and so I only made it to Daryl's corner, totally squeezed by pressing, dancing and crying maniacs :-). Great feeling again, I like being in that melting pot although it is kind of dangerous. Lots of sweat dancing my ass off with Rambler! (only hearing Charlie directly and one second later from the PA was kind of horrible, so out of synch)

The last thing I remember of the shows was very funny: You all know that when all others have left the stage, Mick usually gets Charlies arm, holds it up and they bow for the last time together. On Friday, they also did this. Keith had just before left the stage, turned around, saw Mick and Charlie raising again after their bow, and came running back on stage again, straight underneath Mick's and Charlie's still raised arms, then kneeling down and spreading his arms in a "Here I Am" gesture with a big grin on his face. Very, very funny guy, I loved this joke :-)))

He did that also the second night, but the timing wasn't that perfect.

On both nights I found it very comfortable to rest my tired bones in one of that traditional London busses William & Chrissie had organized. Although we were stuck into a huge traffic jam, it was fun riding all together and sharing everybody's impressions of the shows. Great idea, W. & C., and it was of course not your fault that 40,000 other cars wanted to leave, too :-)

While being too tired on Friday, I made it to Dean's bar on Saturday, and it was a great GG again - this makes the shows double fun always! Incredible amount of people from all over the world sharing the love to that greatest Rock 'N' Roll band on earth. When I made my "Goodbye" tour through the bar finally, this took me about half an hour - so many handshakes, hugs and kisses!

ObShoiley: I LOVE ALL OF US! (and we missed you so much!)

See all you great people next tour!

Cheers, tom

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